Administrative Assistant

Sandra is the first person you see when you walk into our wonderful office.   She is a positive central person to help you begin and move through your physical therapy journey.  Sandra worked at an Aerospace company for 18 years.  When her boys were young,  she decided to do something in the medical world and went to MCC for Medical Billing and earned a certificate.  Sandra is your point person for all of your administrative needs.  She enjoys interacting with and assisting patients so that your only priority is to get better!  Sandra can help with scheduling appointments, verifying and understanding your insurance benefits and any other office-related questions.  Because our therapy staff is hands-on with patients, Sandra is a valuable liaison for you to communicate information to and from your therapists.  Originally from Long Island, she has been in Connecticut for 14 ½ years.  She lives in Hebron and has two teenage boys.  She enjoys exercising, walking and now Pilates.