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At DPT, we understand that pain doesn’t stop when the world around us does.  We have integrated all of the safety standards to keep our patients healthy for in-person sessions for those who feel comfortable.  Our licensed clinicians are also able to safely and securely provide telehealth sessions when that is what best meets your needs.

Telehealth sessions are one-on-one visits with your PT provider, during which your therapist will assess your status using a number of questions, as well as a range of motion and function tests, before guiding you through movements, exercises, and stretches that will help to improve your condition. Your therapist will provide a self-care roadmap to get you on the road towards moving and living pain-free again.  You are only a click away from improving your mobility and function.  Don’t wait, start today!


Telehealth is now being covered by most insurance plans in Connecticut. This includes Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, ConnectiCare, Medicare, Oxford, and United Healthcare. Please contact your DPT at 860-430-2344 with questions about insurance coverage, or submit your information through our contact us page.



No need to drive! A Telehealth appointment reduces the burden of commuting to and from appointments. Telehealth works well for parents with a child at home, caregivers concerned about the physical demands of transporting their loved one to and from appointments, and those who don’t have easy access to transportation.

Home Safety

If falling is a concern, a virtual telehealth appointment with your PT is an opportunity to discuss ways to improve the safety of your home. They also can discuss what you should do if you fall.

Personalized Care

During a private telehealth visit, you will work one-on-one with your PT, without distractions. You also can involve family members or caregivers in your appointment, if you like. We can work together to utilize your home environment and home equipment to make your exercise patient specific and effective.

Success Rates

Patients who take part in telehealth physical therapy are more likely to stick to their home exercise programs. Your PT can provide you a safe and effective home exercise program to do at home based on your specific needs and goals. Sticking to your exercise prescription is a vital part of your long-term health.

Time Savings

There’s no waiting room. And after your Telehealth appointment, you can quickly get back to what you were doing at home without having to spend time on the road.


Telehealth can help you stay connected with your physical therapist. If your schedule makes it difficult to travel and attend sessions a Telehealth session may improve your accessibility while maintaining outcomes. You are able to be safely in your environment for your session.


"Soon after I had my right shoulder replaced, I began physical therapy at Durant PT in Glastonbury. After several sessions on-site, I had to self-isolate before and after a visit to Philly to see my new and beautiful granddaughter. Before, during, and after my trip, my PT sessions with Cheryl Jeffries were held through zoom. Cheryl is a patient and clear teacher who carefully monitored the way I was performing my exercises using praise and giving necessary corrections. I’ve been challenged but enjoyed our interactions together (although I have the sneaking feeling that the most difficult work is yet to come!)"

C. S.
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