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When Durant Physical Therapy opened, we envisioned a dynamic clinic that would grow and change as we learned better ways to help our clients recover from sports injuries, accidents and other related physical concerns. In this spirit, we created a center that serves clients from the Rehabilitative phase through Wellness with clients entering at all stages. Francesca and Timothy believe in a manual approach to addressing the structural limitations within the body that cause injury, but believe that there is an important continuum to fully achieve healthy movement patterns.


At Durant Physical Therapy, our mission is to change our patients' lives. Of course, we aim to treat your injury, resolve pain and return you to function quickly, but our mission is to change your life. We empower individuals to reach their health and fitness goals, optimizing each person's health, well being and athletic performance with the support of our Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Pilates Instructors and staff.  We believe that our physical therapy, Pilates and fitness programs and the skill of our staff meets the needs of today's body and inspires patients in ways that affect all aspects of their lives.


To optimize each person's health, well-being and athletic performance, using a unique blend of techniques from our extensive knowledge of physical therapy, Pilates and exercise science. The journey back to full physical health can be like climbing a mountain. In order to help you achieve optimal physical health, we offer many different treatment styles that address each person's unique needs. Because not one approach works for everyone, we often bring a team treatment approach to working with clients. In this way, each individual receives the best of all we have to offer.

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