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Postpartum Recovery Recommendations

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Day One Recovery Tips and Exercises for New Mothers.

Are you about to give birth or have given birth and are unsure about your recovery?

Many postnatal women are surprised by the recovery process after delivery. It's not hard to grasp that 9 months of pregnancy and delivery would dramatically impact your body, it simply isn't discussed openly. In the United States, so much of the information provided to mothers is about newborn care, not postnatal recovery.

Yes, it is time to love and care for that beautiful baby, but mothers shouldn't neglect their own bodies. A mother's recovery is vital to her ability to care for her child.

Pelvic Health Physical Therapist Francesca Durant shares some quick tips for day one after birth.


1. Drink lots of water for breastfeeding and minimizing constipation complications.
2. Practice your diaphragmatic breathing to relax and lengthen the pelvic floor.

What is Diaphragmatic breathing?

When you breathe efficiently, your diaphragm will expand the ribs out to the sides. As the lungs contract on an exhale, both the diaphragm and the abdominal floor lift. When we inhale, the diaphragm and abdominal floor drop.

Watch the tutorial exercise here.

Visit our Pelvic Health Guide for exercise videos and information from Pelvic Health Physical Therapist Francesca Durant.


About the Author: Francesca Durant

Co-owner of Durant Physical Therapy and Centered Body Pilates, Francesca Durant is an experienced physical therapist and Pilates professional with specialized training in pelvic health from Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute.


Could you benefit from an assessment of your breath or pelvic floor?

Francesca is accepting new patients at Durant Physical Therapy, call 860-430-2344 now to schedule a health assessment!

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