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What is Text Neck? Find A Solution To Common Neck Pain

Updated: May 27, 2022

The convenience of your handheld smart devices may be more of a pain than it is worth!

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Dr. Dean L. Fishman, a chiropractor, came up with “Text Neck” to describe the cervical pain associated with looking down at a phone, tablet, or other devices. Pain can be in the neck, upper back, or shoulders and can be sharp and painful at times.

While standing in an upright posture, the average head weighs between 10 and 12 pounds. When the head is flexed (looking down) by one inch (about 15 degrees) the force on the neck is 27 pounds. When looking down at a 60-degree angle, the force is 60 pounds.

60 pounds! That is the weight of a husky or queen-size box spring, microwave oven or a 9 year old child!

How many hours a day do you or your family members spend looking at electronics? Are you surprised that you have neck and shoulder pain, weakness, and headaches? The good news is YOU can fix this.

Tips to Relieve Pain

If you make these lifestyle changes and you have not resolved your pain, please book an initial evaluation at Durant Physical Therapy and we can help you out.


About the Author: Cheryl Jeffries

A licensed Physical Therapy Assistant at Durant Physical Therapy, Cheryl Jeffries is a talented therapist with specialties including gait analysis, aquatic therapy, manual therapy, kinesiology taping, and integrated neuromuscular re-education.

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