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Your Pelvic Health: Pelvic Health Evaluation Explained

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

What To Expect When You Go For A Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Evaluation

Is the idea of getting a pelvic health evaluation intimidating?

You should feel free to speak with your pelvic health physical therapist in the same manner you speak to your OBGYN. The same confidentiality applies. A Pelvic Health physical therapist's goal should be to create a comfortable space for you to share your symptoms, discuss your concerns, determine the root of the problem, in order to resolve your issues through specialized therapy.

In our office, we often see cases, in which our pelvic health physical therapist offers the additional comfort of accepting your discomfort when others have brushed it aside as "normal".

Durant Physical Therapy's Pelvic Health Physical Therapist Francesca Durant explains how a comprehensive pelvic health evaluation is performed.

Your comfort comes first.

All evaluations are to be performed in a private area. If you are not ready to discuss certain topics or have an internal examination, our policy is to go with your comfort level. We have found that most of our patients are ready to resolve their disfunction and find the evaluation to be a relief. As the patient, you are in control. You should never feel pressured into discussing or partaking in any part of the evaluation that makes you uncomfortable. The job of the pelvic health physical therapist is to help you along on your journey towards healing.

Don't let the evaluation intimidate you. Seek assistance if you are suffering from ongoing discomfort.


About the Author: Francesca Durant

Co-owner of Durant Physical Therapy and Centered Body Pilates, Francesca Durant is an experienced physical therapist and Pilates professional with specialized training in pelvic health from Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute.


Could you benefit from an assessment of your breath or pelvic floor?

Francesca is accepting new patients at Durant Physical Therapy, call 860-430-2344 now to schedule a health assessment!

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